Barista Nation Montreal takes place all day on Monday, March 31st. An international panel of speakers will lead lectures, panels, and workshops for Montreal coffee professionals and enthusiasts alike, including sessions presented by founders Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen, Barista Magazine founder & editor Sarah Allen, UNIC jedi Sauro Dall’Aglio, Anthony Benda of Montreal’s Cafe Myriade, Marie-Eve Laroche of Pikolo, and much more.

Every Barista Nation event has a theme, and this event’s theme is creativityGuests can participate in up to four sessions – and there’s a “choose your own adventure” kind of vibe to the day – with eight sessions to choose from. That means there’s something for everybody. At Barista Nation, not only do you get an opportunity to attend up to four sessions, but you can also expect a glorious spread for lunch, food trucks on hand for dinner, a riotous latte art throwdown featuring DJ Sprudge, and all the delicious coffee you can drink!

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The founders of Sprudge will be presenting:

Zachary Carlsen is presenting on alternatives to public cuppings in a talk called “Cuppings For Customers? Creative Alternatives“. Are public cuppings kind of gross? Are carefully curated tastings a much better and less disgusting way forward for specialty coffee? Mr. Carlsen has a lot to say on these topics, in what should be a lively and perhaps a touch controversial presentation.

Jordan Michelman is presenting on the growing field of coffee journalism in a talk called “Creating Creative Coffee Compositions“. This talk will outline where coffee journalism is at in 2014, and how you can get involved by finding stories, developing pitches, and having your writing purchased for publication.

This talk will be similar to the one given at Barista Nation LA and at a series of Barista Guild of New Zealand events in Auckland and Wellington, yielding several successful feature purchases from promising young writers like Albert Au (Auckland), Richard Sandlin (Oakland), and Tyler Bruno (SoCal).


Registration to this event is now closed. Look for coverage from Barista Nation Montreal right here on Sprudge.

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