Bay Area latte art enthusiasts, answer this clarion call, and come forth, thy milk steameth, thy cup runneth over with the zeal and froth of life! The Bay Area Coffee Community is set for Game 2 of its 6 month season, hosted tomorrow night at Awaken Cafe, a Four Barrel Coffee account in downtown Oakland (1429 Broadway).

We first started covering the Bay Area Coffee Community Round 1 of BACC festivities was a wild affair, with 40+ competitors, celebrity judges, and plenty of PR interview opportunities. The top three pouring baristas were as follows:

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(1) Che Garcia from Ritual Coffee Roasters (@CGarcia037)

(2) Demart Denaro from Blue Bottle Coffee (@denarosaurus)

(3) Joshua David Wolf from Stanza (@joshuadbonner)


Remember, the BACC latte art series is a points aggregate – these baristas are in the top 3 now, but will they return to Awaken Cafe and defend their pole position? Will some other young upstart baristas take their place? Literally no one knows what will happen, because it hasn’t happened yet, and human cognition doesn’t work that way, unless you’re imbued with the power of “pre-vision”, which is not likely.

Go to Awaken Cafe tomorrow night! 6pm sign-up, totes cool prizes from Espresso Parts and others, just $5 to pour, be there!!!!!!

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