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Coffee, art, and fundraising go hand in hand, creating an intersection of beautiful, charitable works supporting worthy causes. Out new this week, Bay Area coffee brand Equator Coffees are launching a new collaborative initiative called the B’Cause Artist Series, benefitting local non-profit organizations.

Announced on April 21st, the B’Cause Artist Series blends coffee, art, and community work into a single box set. Included in quarterly changing bundle is a 12oz bag of Equator’s B’Cause Blend—a mix of a natural processed, a washed Kenya, and a washed Colombia—plus a special edition 12oz Miir tumbler depicting the work of the featured artist, and a print of the work by the same artist. For the first installment of the B’Cause Arist Series, Equator, a certified B-Corp, collaborated with renowned San Francisco artist George McCalman. “We’ve been fans and admirers of George McCalman for years, especially his monthly SF Chronicle column, ‘Observed’,” Equator’s Creative Director Nate Fong tells Sprudge. “He is an incredibly talented artist across various mediums and we felt his raw, authentic story-telling would be the perfect partnership for our first B’Cause collaboration. George stands up for what he believes in and his passion and energy set the tone for the project right from the start.”

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George McCalman. Photo by Nate Fong.

For this first installment, Equator will be donating $10 from every sale of the B’Cause Artist Series to the Young Women’s Freedom Center, “a leadership and advocacy organization led by systems-involved cis and trans women and young women, trans men and young men, and gender-expansive people of color who have grown up in poverty, worked in the underground street economies, and have been criminalized by social services such as foster care, welfare, and the mental health systems.”

“The goals of B’Cause are simple,” says Elan Lieber, Equator’s Partnership Manager, “to collaborate with artists in our community and highlight their incredible work, as well as raise funds and develop long-term and beneficial relationships with non-profit organizations that are working to make our community a better place.”

The artist and beneficiary of the B’Cause Artist Series will rotate every three months, and Equator has committed to continue donating $10 per bundle sold for the entirety of the initiative.

The B’Cause Artist Series can be purchased for $55 at Equator cafes or on their web store. For more information, visit the Equator Coffees official website.

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