During Wednesday set up, it appeared as though the live feed WBC 2011 was clear skies and cruising altitude. Then the first presentation started and there was unforeseen turbulence, resulting in a number of audio and video issues and the occasional internet black-out. Well, it now appears that the World Barista Championship live stream is back to flying smoothly.  You are free to move about the cabin.

While no streaming operation can be free of bumps, rest assured that all of the competitors this year are also being recorded by the video production company. So even if the video cuts out or there’s no sound, the performances are all backed up and will be uploaded in their entirety later. In the meantime, we’re holding it down here at the Sprudge.com Skybox, with our exclusive Sprudge.com security guard, keeping a close eye on the stream with occasional bathroom breaks.

Watch it all live right now.