While we anxiously wait for official release details of the rumored XL version of their iconic brewer, the folks at AeroPress have been busy churning out other new products and accessories to whip the press brew fanatics into a frenzy. Along with the already confirmed AeroPress Clear (which is exactly what it sounds like), a glass, stainless steel, and aluminum AeroPress Premium made an appearance earlier this year at Ambiente, an international consumer goods trade show in Frankfurt, Germany, that many are already coveting (which, along with the AeroPress XL, will be on hand at the SCA Expo later this month).

Then there’s the new Flow Conrol Filter Cap. The latest official AeroPress accessory gives users more control over their brew, allowing for long brew times and a wider range of grind sizes.

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According to the website, the new Filter Cap utilizes a “pressure-actuated valve” that prevents any coffee drip-through while the coffee is steeping in the chamber. No inverted method (nor the associated risk of spilling hot coffee slurry everywhere on the flip) required. This helps bring the brewer one step closer to true espresso. The valve doesn’t open until the user presses the plunger down. This allows for a greater pressure buildup that help create “espresso-style crema,” per the website.

aeropress flow controller

With the totality of the brew staying put, users have also have greater control over the total brew time as well as opening up the brewer to larger grind sizes; because the grinds are no longer responsible to essentially choke the brew and keep all the water from passing through before the press, a wider swath of particle sizes are available to the user.

And because the Flow Control Filter Cap is compatible with AeroPress’s paper and metal filters (or even both at the same time), the brew options and recipes are only limited by the user’s imagination.

Now available for purchase, the Flow Control Filter Cap retails on the AeroPress website for $24.95. It’ll hold us all over until the XL gets here. But I need that big boy. I’ve got jumbo love. Give us the XL.

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All images via AeroPress