NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MOORESTOWN, NJ – April 5, 2023Joe Coffee is leaning
into the new coffee category that is Coldstretto, launching it in select New York locations this summer with plans for full rollout this Fall. Coldstretto is Joe Coffee’s vehicle to efficiently deliver the highest-quality cold espresso experience in and outside their retail locations, enabling significant growth opportunities for the brand.

Made possible by BKON’s RAIN® (Reverse Atmospheric Infusion®) technology, Coldstretto is
the only shelf-stable, ready-to-use cold espresso that captures the signature flavor of a brand’s established espresso offering. It eliminates the time, cost, training, and spatial constraints associated with cold espresso drink creation. Brands can now deliver optimal and consistent consumer flavor experiences, wherever beverages are consumed: coffeehouse, restaurant, office, home, and beyond.

BKON and Joe Coffee have a storied history together, with BKON serving as Joe’s cold brew
concentrate and RTD extraction partner since 2021. “We experienced a surge in cold brew
sales after replacing immersion brewing with our RAIN-brewed cold brew concentrate,” said Lee Harrison, Vice President of Operations for Joe Coffee. “The quality, stability, consistency, and efficiency of our product improved overnight, and our customers noticed. BKON’s commitment to flavor integrity and collaboration left us eager to experience and collaborate on their newest innovation, Coldstretto.”

Cold brew’s rise in popularity has given way to cold espresso-based beverages becoming the
dominant consumption preference, popularized by the influential Millennial and Gen Z
consumer. Increased recipe innovation and the allure of cold espresso beverage customization
have further complicated operations. Joe Coffee identified Coldstretto as the breakthrough that maintained their high-quality standards and simplified the entire process of making cold
espresso drinks. Its unique sensory experience is an exciting combination of cold brew’s smooth mouthfeel with the bright notes and lingering finish of great espresso.

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“Our first taste experience was delicious—the Coldstretto version had all the nuance of flavor
and acidity that we love about our beloved house espresso,” said Amaris Gutierrez-Ray, Senior
Director of Coffee & Roasting.

In addition to increasing the speed of drink creation by over 500%, Coldstretto unlocks an
entirely new era of cold coffee beverage creation. The impact on Joe Coffee’s wholesale
business is where the opportunity magnifies. Foodservice venues that were previously excluded
from selling cold espresso due to equipment costs, space constraints, or labor challenges, can
now easily innovate the highest quality cold coffee menu with Joe Coffee’s signature flavor

“We’re committed to equipping our wholesale partners with the knowledge and tools to take
their business to the next level,” said Jonathan Rubinstein, Founder and CEO of Joe Coffee.
“Coldstretto is an exciting opportunity for us to deliver on our brand promise of excellent quality to locations beyond Joe Coffee retail stores, enabling our customers to skillfully compete in the cold coffee category.”

Specialty Coffee Expo attendees will be among the first to experience Coldstretto. A selection of coffee beverages made with Waverly Coldstretto highlighting the exceptional flavor and
simplified user experience of this extraction will be available in BKON Booth 2239.

“We had an early vision, as far back as 2017 that Coldstretto would enable growth opportunities that were previously unachievable,” said BKON President Lou Vastardis. “We’ve always admired Joe Coffee’s leadership in specialty coffee and couldn’t be more excited to work alongside them to be the first roaster to bring Coldstretto to commercialization.”

About Joe Coffee
Joe Coffee, New York’s specialty coffee roasters and early pioneers of the Third Wave coffee movement, was founded in 2003 by Jonathan Rubinstein and his family in the heart of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. The New York-based collection of beloved and award-winning cafes is best known for brewing the highest quality cup, always served with warm and genuine hospitality. A home away from home for its guests to perk up, gather, work, and relax and designed as places for and of the community since its start as a single coffee shop on Waverly Place and Gay Street, Joe has since nestled into some of the best corners of New York City. The company roasts 100% of its own coffee in its Long Island City roastery and is the coffee purveyor of many of the country’s most esteemed restaurants and cafes.

About BKON
BKON is a highly specialized coffee extraction company with a patented brewing technology called RAIN® (Reverse Atmospheric Infusion®). We’re on a mission to create the most flavorful and innovative extractions for quality-conscious brands. RAIN’s superpower is its ability to produce optimal flavor outcomes at high concentrations, enabling brands to deliver café-fresh drink experiences from shelf-stable packaged products. BKON’s extraction expertise and partner-obsessed approach is helping catapult brands to cold coffee greatness. For more information visit Stay connected on Instagram @bkonbrew.

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