Acaia, the company that brought the world the Bluetooth-equipped Pearl, the Sprudgie-award-winning gram scale, is launching a brand new coffee scale custom-fit for the barista community. Called the Acaia Lunar, the scale is being marketed as “barista-proof”, with extensive waterproofing throughout, including an automatic shut-off when water touches any interior parts. It’ll be launched next week at the 2015 SCAA Event in Seattle, a sort of CES or E3 gathering for the coffee world in which many major innovators choose to launch new products.


For fans of the Pearl, Lunar is the next step in that scale’s aesthetic experience, represented by a new compact size designed to fit on the drip tray of a variety of espresso machines. Acaia has partnered with La Marzocco Home to debut the scale at SCAA, after which La Marzocco Home will be the scale’s exclusive reseller for one month.


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It’s also being launched in tandem with a new app called “Brewmaster,” a logging app for coffee professionals. Here are more specs on the Acaia Lunar, courtesy of Acaia:

Brighter Display: Features a brighter display to provide better contrast.

Fast: 20ms response time provides ultra-fast response time and instant readings.

Accuracy: Highest internal resolution up to one million counts allows for readability up to 10th of a gram. The Acaia Pearl is sensitive to even weight changes resulting from evaporation.

Stability: Auto zero-tracking, creeping compensation technology to provide industrial grade stability.

Built-in stopwatch: You can track the blooming, pouring, and infusion time without a fuss, with the two-way timer that syncs with your mobile phone.

Automated auto-off customization: The Acaia Lunar will not shut down during coffee brewing, auto-off feature is also customizable in mobile app.

Rechargeable USB power supply: A greener alternative power source, battery lasts 20–30 hrs.

acaia scale barista lunar

Designed in California and made in Taiwan, the Lunar retails at $220, and comes with a 2-year warranty. SCAA Event attendees can purchase a special “Eclipse” edition of the scale at Acaia’s booth, and play with the Lunar at La Marzocco Home’s booth. For everyone else, La Marzocco Home online pre-order begins Wednesday, April 8th. For more glimpses of the Acaia brand in action, we recommend visiting customized brew bars at Wrecking Ball Coffee (San Francisco), Long Island Brew Bar (Melbourne), and both brand new Blue Bottle Coffee stores in Tokyo.

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