Over the last week or so, our pals at Able Brewing have launched a new website and unveiled their spiffy and unique Kone Brewing System. The KBS and KONE 3.0 have been met with universal praise and enviable coverage from all corners of the specialty coffee nerd / tech geek world, and that’s because 1. the System really does look pretty cool, and 2. since the dawn of time, humanity has clamored for sweet new gear, a primal consumer urge that Able is happy to facilitate.

Incorporating the new, refined KONE metal filter with a ceramic brewing vessel, the pre-order price of the unit with is $125, with free domestic shipping. For $200, you can pre-order a tasteful red KONE Brewing System with KONE Filter and two red Able mugs. But the real story Able founder Keith Gehrke’s decision to facilitate pre-order via Kickstarter, so as to raise capitol for cost of tooling and the first run of ceramic, all of which will be made in the USA. Over $60,000 has been raised so far, so it’s probably safe to call Able’s Kickstarter gambit a success. You can pre-order yours right here today, and join the “gotta get it” gagging gaggle geared up to gargle Gehrke’s get-up.

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