Welcome to’s exclusive, sprawling guide to the cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs of Melbourne. We’re in town for the 2013 Melbourne International Coffee Expo and World Barista Championship, and the following pages are meant to be partners in crime for the international legion of Sprudge readers set to descend on Melbourne in the coming week.

In order to construct this guide, we turned to a roster of friends and acquaintances with a wide range of experience in the Melbourne coffee scene. We polled around a dozen people; some are Melbourne natives, others are ex-pats living and working in Melbs or frequent visitors, but they’re all huge coffee enthusiasts, which means they’ve got great taste in all the other stuff that counts. Trust us, that’s how it works.

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It’s our pleasure to pass along the following Sprudge Guides to Melbourne:

10 Places To Drink Coffee In Melbourne

10 Places To Eat Breaky In Melbourne

10 Places For A Nice Dinner In Melbourne

10 Places To Drink Fancy In Melbourne

10 Cheap Spots To Eat & Drink In Melbourne

Where Am I? What Am I Doing? What Shouldn’t I Miss In Melbourne?

These guides are not The Last Word on what’s good in Melbourne, not by a long shot. If your favorites are left out, or you think we’ve done a knob’s job of collecting info, you can always let us know via Twitter – feel free to point out more great stuff we shouldn’t miss But we think we’ve spun together an pretty darn fun operational series of field guides to help you – and us – get the most out of our time in Melbourne. We’ll also recommend you towards Broadsheet Melbourne, which really is the city’s Last Word on what’s good, and whose archives are a really fun way to explore and learn about Melbourne as a visitor.

Last, we’d like to thank our team of poll responders, including Tim Varney, M’Lissa Muckerman, Ben Bicknell, Anya Sereda, Eileen Kenny, and several more folks who responded anonymously. Thank you all! Now let’s go have fun in Melbourne.

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