Paul Ungureanu of Paul Ungureanu Consulting in Romania really shook things up at the 2015 World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship in Gothenburg, Sweden. The WCIGS is a competition that blends coffee and spirits together into a series of scrumptious cocktails. We’re big fans of both coffee and cocktails, and Ungureanu’s blend of espresso, Tatratea, maple syrup, and a little Grand Marnier is the best of both worlds.


In life and coffee, Ungureanu believes not only do “you have to be adventurous” but “you have to be inspired by other people as well.” We’ll drink to that!


Everyone on Team Sprudge was inspired by Ungureanu’s adventurous coffee cocktail. For his presentation, Ungureanu placed the aromatics of blooming tea in the base of Libbey Martini Chiller glasses using an Aladin Aromatic Aromatiser.

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Here’s how to make it at home!

“Selfie Compatible” by Paul Ungureanu

The Gear

Perlini Carbonated Cocktail System
Libbey Martini Chiller glass
Aladin Aromatic Aromatiser

The Goods

60ml Ethiopia Nekisse espresso
15ml Grand Marnier
15ml Tatratea
10ml maple syrup
Blooming tea

The Ice


Before mixing the drink, place aromatic blooming tea vapors in the base of the glassware. Mix all ingredients in a Perlini shaker, add ice, infuse with CO2, and shake. Pour into martini glasses and serve.

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