What is a wine drinker’s favorite month? Why, Gamay of course. Bad puns aside (but really, they are so bad they are good), May is Wine Month in Oregon and that means 31 days of drinking some really exquisite wines. And while Pinot Noir still reigns supreme in Oregonian wine productions, for two days in Portland, it’s gonna be Gamay. The aptly named I Love Gamay features 48 hours of Gamay-based festivities, bringing together local producers and enthusiasts, all in the name of a single plucky grape varietal.

I Love Gamay kicks off Sunday, May 20th with the Oregon Gamay Tasting Salon at The Nightwood “featuring over 20 wineries each pouring tastes of their latest Gamay Noir wines.” Included in the list of pourers will be Division Winemaking Co., Cooper Mountain Vineyards, Minimus, The Color Collector, Brickhouse, and other Oregon-based wineries (with a few California producers in there for good measure).

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And if you want ga-more Gamay, Monday, May 21st , I Love Gamay will be hosting two—count ‘em, two—events, starting off with The Masters of Gamay, a panel discussion on the “grape’s historical significance in France and its exploding interest in the New World with Oregon being the epicenter.” Moderated by Joel Gunderson of Cooper’s Hall, the panel will include “Punch wine writer Zachary Sussman, early Oregon Gamay pioneer and famed Biodynamic grower Doug Tunnell of Brickhouse, U.S. brand ambassador of Beaujolais’ Terriors Originels Aurélien Fiardet & well acclaimed Food & Wine Magazine 2015 Sommeliers of the Year Dana Frank.”

Then later that night, it’s a Gamay Dinner Par-tay at Park Avenue Wines, featuring a “bounty of food prepared by Sarah Schneider of The Nightwood Society from [their] favorital local farms.” The wine list for the event will be curated by SE Wine Collective will be chockablock with “West Coast Gamay, vintage French Beaujolais and Gamay Noir.”

Tickets for I Love Gamay’s roster of events start at $35 for the Tasting Salon, ranging all the way up to $115 for tasting and dinner tickets and are available via I Love Gamay’s official website.

So if you need some Gamay in your life (and you do. You very much do), get ye to Portland for all of the tasty things I Love Gamay has in store for you.

*top image via I Love Gamay

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