It’s awards season and we here at Sprudge Headquarters are gearing up for the 4th Annual edition of the Sprudgie Awards, with a coveted “Best Video of the Year” prize at stake. Wouldn’t you know it? We came across three hot contenders in just one day. It’ll be a long slog deliberating…judges?

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First up is this beauty from our friends at Bow Truss Coffee. With a titillating score and glorious shots, it’s a real Palm D’or humdinger. If you like it consider helping them out with a new crowd funded project they’re working on! [youtube]sVLdFbSgkyU[/youtube]

Next we have this masterpiece, from a certified level 9 Aeropress Wizard. Cut shots, crazy music, and a cameo from Sesame Street’s Bert? This isn’t for the faint of heart. We just love the mash up of gamer L337ness and coffee geekery.

Last on our list of award-worthy master strokes is this artful gem from our friends at Cafe Imports. Ian, the quality control guru at Minneapolis’ finest coffee importer, is shown levitating over the dazzling rotating cupping table. It’s more than a tasting – it’s a levistasting! We just can’t stop watching this spellbinding little short.

Do you have a video that you’d like us to review for our coveted “Best Film of the Year” Sprudgie? E-mail us at foryourconsprudgeration@sprudge.com today!

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