2010 Sprudgie Awards

We’re excited to announce the second annual Sprudgie Awards. We’ve made a few changes in the line-up that we feel better represent what the Sprudgies are all about, including changing certain awards from “Best” to “Notable” or “Favorite”. The Sprudge.com staffs feels that these passionate folks in the industry are making waves, innovating big time and providing global game change across our industry. Thought provoking, hunky, powerful, and fabulous – these are our Sprudgie Awards winners for 2010.

Notable Roastery

Tim Wendelboe

Best Café

Tina, We Salute You

Notable Producer

Rachel Peterson, Hacienda La Esmeralda

Favorite New Product

Coava DISK

Best Blog

Coffea Cultura

Best Magazine

Barista Magazine

Best Supplier


Outstanding Achievement In The Field of Excellence

Aleco Chigounis, Stumptown Coffee

Photo credits to Klaus Thomsen, Liz Clayton, Jessie Cutts, Terry Z and Mike White.


  1. Long Duk Dong

    16 May

    No yankee my wanky – Donger need food!

  2. Hazel Faustus Balzac

    5 January

    If you people aren’t grown-up enough to use your real names on the internet, then dammit, you’re wasting everyone’s time. Iphone apps are stupid and will be irrelevant in 2 years; Sprudge should do a category for “best stupid comments”.

    Hazel Faustus Balzac

    • Hephaestus Gertrude

      5 January

      You’ve always been so presumptuous, Hazel.

      • Hazel Faustus Balzac

        5 January

        you can go to helen hunt, hephaestus.

    • Cookie

      5 January


  3. Plato T. Gonzales

    5 January

    Yes, apps should be included.

  4. Cookie

    4 January


  5. oscar

    4 January

    Will you publish any reasoning for picking the winner of each category? The list seems pretty random to me.

  6. Hestia Myrtle

    4 January


  7. Hephaestus Gertrude

    4 January

    I couldn’t agree more with Zeus.

  8. Zeus Mildred

    4 January

    Would be great if you included the best coffee-related apps as well.

    Intelligentsia app would be my top pick. Also good are San Francisco’s Best Coffee and Has Bean.

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