The window to submit coffees for consideration at this year’s Good Food Awards is closing this week. While we were unable to find out who entered–that’s a closely guarded secret–we were able to obtain a list of the participating United States that have submitted. So far? 32 states are left out! 

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Tell your favorite coffee roaster to enter before the cut-off on August 1st (all they have to do is fill out an entry form at this point). Submitting coffee comes later.

Here are the states that have submitted coffee:

18. Illinois

17. New York

16. California

15. Oregon

14. Texas

13. South Dakota

12. Colorado

11. Washington

10. Pennsylvania

9. Missouri

8. Wisconsin

7. Hawaii

6. Rhode Island

5. Arkansas

4. Oklahoma

3. Michigan

2. Maryland

1. Kentucky

Tell your favorite roaster to enter before the cut-off on August 1stIt’s a matter of state pride.

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