It’s that time of the year: there’s a frightful chill in the air, one that cuts to your very bones. And though you may seek solace in the comfort of a warm, delicious cappuccino, to wrap you up like a frothy caffeinated blanket and make you feel safe, there will be no respite. Not when these ghoulish baristas and their scary latte art are afoot.

For 364 days, these groovy ghoulies pour you tulips, hearts, and rosettas to keep your Instagram double-taps churning. But for just one day of the year, as though under a blood moon spell, they etch, color, and free pour to their sinister dark heart’s delight. Ghouls, goblins, jack-o-lanterns, vampires–these underworld class latte artists are conjuring up something a little more macabre for All Hallows’ Day.

And while the laxative properties of coffee are widely known, these 13 frightful works of latte art will no doubt make you poop a little…from fear!

Sam Low, New Zealand Barista Champion (2016) & New Zealand Latte Art Champion (2013, 2015), Code Black Coffee Roasters, Melbourne, Australia, @_sam_low_


Nate Rivera, Mudsmith, Dallas, Tx, @nomed36


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Simeon Bricker, US Latte Art Champion (2014), @simbricks


Dylan Siemans, Onyx Coffee Lab, Springdale, AR, @pouraxial


Sam Penix, Everyman Espresso, New York, NY, @everymanespresso



 John Letoto, Greenway Coffee, Houston, TX, @hermitudinous 

Make up and modeling by James Duncan
Make up and modeling by James Duncan

Brandon Paul Weaver, Liberty Bar, Seattle, WA, @brandonpaulweaver


Angie Chun, US Latte Art Champion (2015), Coffee Code, Orange County, CA, @angie_chun



Jared Hamilton, Cultivar Coffee, Dallas, TX, @baristajared


Bethany Hargrove, Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, San Francisco, CA, @bethany1.0


Lem Butler, US Barista Champion (2016), Counter Culture Coffee, Durham, NC, @lembutler

Be safe out there y’all, because it’s true what they say: the drinks come out at night!

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

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