There’s an international event on this week in Australia and Singapore deserving of worldwide attention: “We Want Change“, a massive fundraiser hosted by our friends and partners at Five Senses Coffee to help support the Nanhi Kali project in India. We’ve been longtime supporters of this project – and we’re pretty fascinated by Indian coffee in general – but to learn more, we turn to Perth-based Sprudge contributor Charlie Stewart, who’s got details on what’s on for the event this weekend. 


On the 16th and 17th of November 2013, ten cafés across Australia will be opening their doors ready to serve great coffee for a great cause.

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The Nanhi Kali project in India currently provides education for around 75,000 under-privileged Indian girls from socially and economically marginalized families. Run by an NGO called the Naandi Foundation, this national sponsorship programme provides academic and material support for disadvantaged girls so that they can complete ten years of quality education with dignity. Institutions such as the World Bank acknowledge that there is no investment more effective for achieving development goals than that of educating girls. In a country where daughters are often considered a liability and forced into marriage at a young age, an educational programme like this is the most effective way to empower girls and offer them hope for a different kind of future.

Over the past couple of years, Five Senses has been enthusiastically supporting the Nanhi Kali project. Huge thanks are due to Standing Room Only, Maven Espresso and the ‘Brews ‘n’ Bats’ event which was held at our Barista Academy in Melbourne (co-sponsored by and heaps more). Through the generous funds raised, we were able to help support 55 Nanhi Kali girls and so guarantee that they will receive education, a school uniform, material support and a midday meal!

Read the list below to find your nearest participating café in any one of five different states in Australia, and for a small donation to the Nanhi Kali project, you will receive a cup of limited edition, micro-lot coffee roasted by Five Senses. The coffee will be outstanding – and you will also be helping a great cause.

Participating cafés include:

Western Australia:
Standing Room Only
Bench Espresso 
New South Wales:
Mockingbird cafe
Excelsior Jones
The Stables
Tosca Trattoria
South Australia:
Coffee Branch
Bar 9 – Specialist Coffee Boutique 
The official poster (click to enlarge)

Charlie Stewart (@HandsomeBarista) is a writer and coffee educator based in Perth, Australia. Mr. Stewart works for the Australian Barista Academy in Perth, which is owned by Five Senses. 

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