10 Coffees You Can Buy From Alex From Target

10 Coffees You Can Buy From Alex From Target


Alex From Target is the internet’s latest viral Twitter crush. He’s a hunky teen Target bag boy, and everyone is lining up to wait at that register. I think I speak for the whole team at Sprudge when I say, if I were at Alex From Target’s Target in Texas, I’d want him to bag me, too.

While shopping at Target, shoppers are blessed with a bounty of coffee opportunities. Archer Farms, the North American retailer’s custom line of signature coffees, have procured some top lots at recent Cup of Excellence events, like a winning lot from Finca El Injerto out of Guatemala. Target also carries lines from big names like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Seattle’s Best.

In fact, here are ten coffees you can buy and get bagged from Alex From Target…right now!

1. Don Francisco Vanilla Nut Flavored Coffee


While we can’t speak for the coffee, which is probably terrible, you can use the tin to hide gold bars, chocolate, and other barterables for the impending apocalypse.

2. Folgers 100% Colombian Medium Dark Roast

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 1.08.14 PM

Same goes for this plastic tub of Folgers, which at $3.99 for a 10oz is a real bargain. A sad, terrible bargain.

3. Café La Llave Espresso Coffee

13459622Now this brick of espresso coffee…it’s probably not enjoyable to drink but what a joy to look at! We love the bold typeface, the greens and creams. Why don’t more coffees come shipped in bricks, anyway? The design opportunities on this rectangle canvas are endless!

4. Archer Farms Lowfat Raspberry Mocha Latte 4-Pack


The “mocha latte” is our current favorite coffee misnomer. It’s either a latte or a mocha, world. You can’t have both. But you can buy this four pack of coffee-flavored shelf-stable sugar milk and have it bagged up by Alex From Target today!

5. Eight O’Clock Coffee Original Medium Roast


It’s always Eight O’Clock somewhere in the world and it can surely be Eight O’Clock in your grocery cart. If you couldn’t make it to the NYC Central Perk pop-up, you can at least taste what everyone was forced to drink while there. Find out why Eric J. Grimm was makin’ this face.

6. Maxwell House Breakfast Blend


Ooh, boy, now we’re really into the dregs. Flavor lock lid, custom roasted for full flavor. Good grief.

7. Café Bustelo Decaf


Café Bustelo Decaf…for when regular Café Bustelo is a little too “in your face”.

8. Archer Farms House Blend


Ooh, whole bean? Well-rounded? Medium roast? Me and Alex From Target both totally approve.

9. Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 1.21.54 PM

Caribou Blend! From Caribou! Now here’s a coffee we can get behind. The bag’s nice. The jute’s cute. Not as cute as Alex From Target, but it’s cute.

10. Peace Guatemalan

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 1.23.13 PM

And finally we’ve got a nice Guatemalan from the groovy gravy people at Peace Coffee. Totally worth the $10.99. Alex From Target would probably like that it’s USDA Organic and Fair Trade certified. It’s a dark roast, so you know, add a little cream and sugar and dunk some biscotti in it. Make an old school chunky French press and listen to some smooth jazz, see where the day takes you.

Editors note: if we were really at the Texas Target that Alex From Target works at, we’d just skip buying beans, get some Mossimo jeans and buy a Mocha Frappuccino from the Starbucks Coffee that’s situated somewhere behind Alex From Target:


Just sayin’.

Update 3:24PM PST: A number of readers have contacted us asking why Intelligentsia Coffees weren’t listed in this piece. The Target website lists Intelligentsia Coffees as “out of stock”. However, our brilliant Texas desk Zac Cadwalader has confirmed that our friends and partners at Intelligentsia Coffee have three offerings available at the Alex From Target Target in Frisco, Texas.


Cadwalader provided photo evidence, taken at the Target last month:


If you purchase coffee from Alex From Target, please let us know about it at

Update 3:33PM PST:





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