Different stages of roasting in cat-form from the book New Rules of Coffee.

Slow news week? Yeah, we feel you. Sometimes there’s just no new information to consume out there and we all find ourselves a little starved for stimuli. On days like these, or on weeks upon unending weeks like these, we find it can be nice to take a little break from all that boredom and check out what’s new (and old) in the special space where cats intersect with coffee.

Note: cats should not really intersect with coffee other than in your adorable, idle mind. Don’t give coffee to your cat, that’s a stupid thing to do. It can make them sick. That said, here are ten of our faves right now.

Cat Won’t Let Dad Drink Coffee

Would you believe the nerve of this guy?

Cat Knocks Coffee Onto Floor (wait for it…)

You won’t believe what happens next!

Margot and Coffee Grinder

Directional hearing is so hot right now.

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Simon Sleeps Next to the Mr. Coffee

That model doesn’t look programmable to us, so we can only assume his owners have Simon to thank for each morning’s fresh pot. Good kitty.

Cat Drinks Coffee With Paw

Do not EVEN with her before she’s had her morning cup.

This Cat is Really Going For It

Kind of a short pour, though, don’t you think, mom?

Cat Thinks Coffee Beans Are Kibble

Pluses: lots of kittens in this video. Minuses: letting your cat actually eat coffee beans is kind of fucked up.

Cat Coffee Ablutions

Delicious interlude, or facial beauty routine? Either! Both!

Nala Can Help You Get Motivated!

A great kickstart to your daily movement exercises.

Moody Cafe Cat

And lastly, this guy expresses what so many of us have been feeling lately watching this boring, no-news life pass by. (And if you want to hang with him for a whole hour while you work, you can do that, too.)

Liz Clayton is the associate editor at Sprudge Media Network and the co-author of Where to Drink Coffee. Read more Liz Clayton on Sprudge.

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