Your NWRBC Barista and Brewer Finalists

Your NWRBC Barista and Brewer Finalists

NWRBC 2012 Barista Finalists – It’s a Portland blowout!
Tyler Stevens, Barista
Sam Purvis, Coava
Marty Lopes, Barista
Collin Schneider, Sterling Coffee Roasters
Laila Ghambari, Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Devin Chapman, Coava

NWRBC 2012 Brewers Finalists – It’s an OCR blowout!
Devin Chapman, Coava
Oliver Stormshak, Olympia Coffee Roasting
Sam Schroeder, Olympia Coffee Roasting
Chad Bledose, War Path Coffee
Will Frith, Olympia Coffee Roasting
Honor Forte, Olympia Coffee Roasting / Sound City Coffee

Congratulations to all the competitors from!


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