Sprudge.com is luckily and humbly powered by some truly fantastic sponsors, many of whom have done their part to bring you this year’s NWRBC. We’ll take a second to shout them out for you as the NWRBC afternoon rolls on, so thanks so much to Sprudge and NWRBC sponsors Urnex / Puro, Curtis, Espresso Parts, TruBru, Cafe Imports, and Natvia “Send Me to Vienna”. We’d also like to shout out some of the competing roasters today, including Sprudge sponsors Stumptown Coffee, Intelligentsia Coffee, and Batdorf and Bronson.

Your unofficial media coverage of the Northwest Regional Barista Championship is brought to you by these wonderful companies, and would not be possible without the tireless event organization of Sprudgie Award winner Marcus Boni and everyone at the SCAA. We’ll keep the live-tweets and video coverage coming throughout the weekend – all here on Sprudge.com.