International GlobeTrot Cross-Continental Frequent Flier News Round-Up



*The Brazil Cup of excellence jury process (jury process?) is underway. From Andrew Barnett: “Congratulations to the 36 farms selected for the second round of the Brazil Cup of Excellence. Good luck to all!Lovely coffees. Tasting kicks off in a few hours.” We’re champing at the bit, Andrew! You can find more up to the minute information at the COE official site.

*Baltimore-based lovable ray of coffee sunshine Jay Caragay is going to Africa. From Barista Magazine, “Jay Caragay is off to Uganda to put on the national barista championship! He’s got a layover in Brussels: anyone have cafe and/or restaurant suggestions for him?” If you do, write it in the comments below! Follow Jay’s Strange Blog for more on the UNBC!

*Jeremy Tooker, owner of Sprudgie Award Winner Four Barrel Coffee, is tweeting from his two week trip to Ethiopia.

Had a nice reception at Moredocofe. Here’s the owner Haile Gebre carving a bull for us. Served roasted and raw.

*Stephen Vick, Sprudgie Award Winner for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence, just dropped a whole holy crapload of excellent pics from East Africa over on his Facebook. Go be friends with him and give them a gander.

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