Dogs of Coffee 2011 Calendar Is Out!


$8. From Sweet Maria’s:

We had a lot of fun with last year’s calendar – so we have a new one for 2011.  There’s a new crop of great dog photos, and  a few photos of other  creatures from coffee origins (the albino water buffalo from Sulawesi in my personal favorite).

We are including holidays to observe (or not) like Take Your Barista to Work Day on January 5th and 2 for 1 Container Tuesday on January 18th.  Fifty percent of the purchase price will go to the following charities: $1.50 to Coffee Kids, and $.50 each to Nica Hope, Grounds for Health, Doctors Without Borders, Animal Aware and APAMAR. Click more information on what good work these charities are doing in coffee producing areas.

  1. FUPS.

    21 November

    HOT DOG!!!

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