SprudgeTip #4: How To Drink Espresso

Welcome to the fourth installment of SprudgeTips, our series on practical instructions for everyday coffee life. We can take no credit for this one - it was developed by Ray Penrod at Portland's esteemed CoffeeHouse NW. Mr. Penrod has solved the riddle of how to effectively drink espresso paired with sparkling water. Turns out it's kind of a … [Read more...]

SprudgeTip #3: The Strada EP Steam Wand Steam Iron


The above video is just the latest in our ongoing series of original insider pro-tips. In case you missed the earlier SprudgeTips. #1 - Chemex flush with a stylish touch. #2 - Pop bottles off kilter with a portafilter. This one comes from Scott Guglielmino of La Marzocco, who spends a lot of time on the road and occasionally needs to clean … [Read more...]