Build Outs Of Summer: Dispatch Coffee In Montreal

Those who know coffee in Montreal—and maybe Brooklyn—have had the Dispatch Coffee truck on their radar for the last couple of years. Founding barista Chrissy Durcak has led the Dispatchmobile, serving quality espresso and treats through Montreal, tapping noted roasters like Phil and Sebastian of Calgary and Brooklyn mini-roaster Parlor Coffee. The road’s been fun, but […]

A Seoul Roaster, Now Brewing In Dallas At Ascension Coffee

It’s an exciting time to be a coffee drinker in Dallas. From the opening of Houndstooth to the wide array of shops bringing in solid guest roasters from around the country, the horizons have broadened exponentially from where they were just a few short years ago. More than just guesting a lively cross-section of American roasters, […]

Coffee Gets A Starring Role In Los Angeles At Superba Food + Bread

This is the story of a restaurant that believes the coffee program is as important as the food. No, not a fairy tale, but a growing trend we here at Sprudge are documenting as it happens around the world. Today’s glimpse into the food + coffee zeitgeist takes us to Venice, California, where Handsome Coffee […]