Build Outs Of Summer: East Bay Coffee Company, Pinole, California

In the bubbling, constant conversation over Bay Area coffee, the question of saturation often comes up. When, you might ask, will there be too many coffee shops in this part of the world? Well, if there’s one thing that may never hit a saturation point around here, it’s non-profit, event-driven community spaces fostering both artistic expression […]

Build Outs Of Summer: Spearhead Coffee In Paso Robles, California

While we’re quite sure that turning California into 6 different states is a terrible idea–the product of #viral thinking turning into some kind of actual mental virus–we’re equally sure that the progression of specialty coffee in the Golden State will leave no stone unturned. Enter Paso Robles, a town in SoCal with a well-deserved reputation […]




Gorgeous Haand Crafted Ceramics From North Carolina

About a half hour west of Chapel Hill, out in the country near Eli Whitney, North Carolina, Mark Warren and Chris Pence craft gorgeous ceramic wares under the brand name Haand Ceramics. "We enjoy the quiet and freedom of working outside of the city," Pence tells us. He reached out Sprudge after … [Read More...]