Nominations continue today for a very special edition of The Sprudge Twenty, presented by Pacific Barista Series. The Sprudge Twenty is our annual initiative honoring and amplifying extraordinary individuals in the global specialty coffee community. This season, The Sprudge Twenty has a unique format: we’re prioritizing Sprudge Twenty entries for individuals born before the year 1970.

Now in its sixth season—with more than 100 outstanding individuals honored since the program launched in 2019—we’re taking this Sprudge Twenty cycle as an opportunity to try something a little different, and using our platform to honor one segment of the coffee community that so richly deserves it. We’re looking for the stories of those who helped build modern coffee culture as we know it today in the 21st century and celebrating leadership legacies in the specialty coffee community that have made a profound impact.

Nominations are open until Thursday, May 9th at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time. 

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Nominate someone in your community today for this year’s class of The Sprudge Twenty,

Nominations can be submitted in any language, in the form of an original essay, audio nomination, or video recording, so that there is no barrier to submission—the entire process is open and free, in partnership with Pacific Barista Series.

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This is an open call to our global network of readers: nominate worthy individuals in your business or community who exemplify excellence, leadership, and the future of coffee. To repeat, for this season of the Sprudge Twenty, we are prioritizing nominees born before the year 1970—one’s exact age doesn’t matter, per se, but our focus is on highlighting and honoring the stories of individuals who built modern coffee culture over the past several decades.

Thank you for joining us on this new and exciting version of the Sprudge Twenty—feedback thus far has been tremendous, both in-person and online, and we are so excited to bring the results of this initiative to you in the coming weeks.

Click here to nominate for the Sprudge Twenty.