We’ve all been there. You made coffee, poured it, and then put it down before you were able to drink it. Luckily, you put it in your fancy schmancy Ember mug, the one that keeps it at your desired temperature. But where did you put the damn thing? Keeping your coffee warm is great, but if you haven’t consumed it, chances are it’s because you set it down somewhere and forgot it. There’s no heating element in the world that’s going to help you locate your lost coffee.

But now, there’s an app for that. Thanks to a newly released update, you can now you the Find My functionality on your Mac devices to find your lost Ember Travel Mug 2+.

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As reported by MacRumors, Apple has begun selling the latest edition of the Ember lineup, the Travel Mug 2+, now with updated capability to track your lost item. The Travel Mug—which admittedly already has a lot of things that aren’t, strictly speaking, necessary for the purposes of drinking coffee, like touch display, battery power, and an app—has now been equipped with a speaker that will emit a sound when you use the connected Find My app to figure out where you left it.

Once paired via Bluetooth to an iPhone, the Ember Travel Mug can be tracked using a connected Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

We’re getting to the point where the question must be asked: did you even really want the coffee to begin with? Really? You need a mug to keep it warm because it takes you forever to drink it. And you need it to have a speaker so your phone can tell you where it is when you misplace it. It just seems like, I don’t know, maybe you aren’t really appreciating the bounty that your coffee provides. Maybe it’s time to log off, to declutter your coffee mug and get back to the basics. Just you and a cup of coffee. Simple and perfect.

But should you find yourself in need of such fancy high tech accoutrements for your coffee, the 12oz capacity Ember Travel Mug 2+ is available for purchase for $199. I’ll stick with my good old-fashioned ceramic mug, but what do I know, I’m as old as the dirt used to make it.

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