What’s a Norwegian Egg Coffee?

Trick question! Norwegian Egg Coffee is a coffee preparation popular in Scandinavia—especially Norway and Sweden, made with an egg in it. The drink is traditionally made by cracking an egg (often shell and all) into the grounds of coffee, mixing together, and brewing the whole shebang by dumping boiling hot water over top in a large pitcher. (You won’t need a fancy gooseneck pouring kettle for this one.) After steeping, the concoction is shocked with cold water to help the grounds and egg mixture to sink to the bottom of the pot. Though some people strain this coffee after brewing, the general idea is that the egg draws the fine coffee particles together and they act as their own “filter”.

egg coffee boiling

Do I have to be in Norway to find Norwegian Egg Coffee?

No, actually. Go find yourself some Lutherans in the middle of the United States and hang around after their Sunday services. Their take on this drink—brought over from their Scandinavian ancestors—is called “Lutheran Church Basement Coffee,” which is arguably as compelling a name as “Norwegian Egg Coffee.”

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What are the benefits of Norwegian Egg Coffee? Is this some kind of weird men’s diet thing?

Unlike, say, Bulletproof Coffee, the motivating factors behind Norwegian Egg Coffee are utility and taste. It’s said that Scandinavian egg coffee artisans first used eggs to temper the bitterness of poor-tasting coffee, and clarify the final brew. (More modern, intermittent fasting or workout boost egg-coffee preparations have different agendas entirely.) Some describe Norwegian Egg Coffee as smooth, light, and lacking acidity. Few describe it as eggy, fortunately.

egg coffee closeup

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Is Norwegian Egg Coffee safe to consume?

It is generally believed that the high temperature of boiling water will neutralize any bacteria you’re concerned about in a raw egg—but you know, using pasteurized eggs (and possibly consuming it after a rigorous session of prayer) probably helps too.

Why wouldn’t I just order eggs espresso?

Oh, now that’s just going too far.

I want to make it!

Check out this video from San Francisco’s Ritual Coffee Roasters:

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