WFTO’s Video: Bananas For Guns

A gross oversimplification? Maybe.

Could a lot of these problems be solved by legalizing drug trade? Probably.

Is this video compelling? Yes.

Do these people know a lot more about this subject than we do? God, yes.

Should you watch? Absolutely!

Is it time for lunch? Almost.

The World Fair Trade Organization asks government leaders a big question, the answer to which will determine the kind of world we live in and the kind of values we live by. We don’t have to live with poverty, climate change and economic crisis. The values we live by determine the outcome not just for us but for future generations. The WFTO has a letter signed by leading figures and economists requesting for a shift in values from Greed and Ignorance to Transparency, Accountability and Fairness. The question, the letter and the tools for a sustainable economy will be presented to the G8 in July.



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