WBC 2010: Where the “B” Stands For ...

WBC 2010: Where the “B” Stands For “Blog”

As we get closer and closer to next week’s WBC 2010, we thought we’d bring you an early roundup of the English-language bloggers who have a head start on covering the event. As we become aware of more blogs, we’ll be sure to offer you more links and coverage:

*A secretive cabal of informed types have launched this “unofficial” blog for the event, which we “officially” feel is the best thing going for WBC 2010 coverage thus far. Click and browse to learn about the competitors, the best shops to crawl in London, and the after party at Louise Blouin Foundation. They’ve also got helpful tube maps, lovely photography, and quite a bit of pertinent information for the curious to peruse. Check

*Marco Uber Project has a cool little preview up on their site. You can learn about the hotly anticipated WBC Brew Bar, featuring a nun’s litany of the finest coffees on the planet earth and a chance to watch the Uber Boiler in action, amongst many other exciting accouterments. Also check out their preview of the World Aeropress Championship, and feel free to cruise over to the WAC site for more info.

*Though he’ll undoubtedly be busier than a Bobby on Harrods detail, we look forward to bits and pieces coming up on the JimSeven blog; James has a little bit of WBC content up on the site already for you to check out, and suffice it to say, we’re rather excited to drink a LOT of Square Mile next week.

*Three swell blokes – Andrew Redgate, Glenn Watson, and Andrew Duncan – are up and running yet another “unofficial” WBC 2010 blog over at, with extra added support from the one and only Steve Leighton (Hasbean, In My Mug). Their site offers an easy link to the Go Live videostream of next week’s event and a must-watch replay of routine that won Gwilym Davies last year’s WBC in Atlanta.

*As always, source of divinity, goodness, luminescent wonder and honorific do-well, Liz Clayton has things covered on her confusedbee Flickr photostream. Check in regularly, there’s neat stuff going up all the time, and take a trip to her blog while you’re at it.