I don’t think it’s unfair to say that the pumpkin spice craze has maybe gotten a little out of hand. Pumpkin spice Cheerios, pumpkin spice Triscuits, there are even pumpkin spice Peeps. Truly, if it exists in this spatiotemporal plane, it’s been pumpkin spiced. And just when I think this whole pumpkin spice craze couldn’t possibly be any dumber, Saucony goes and releases a pumpkin spice sneakerAND TOTALLY REDEEMS THE PSL!

As reported by Nice Kicks, the limited release shoe is a rendition of Saucony’s Grid SD, “[offering] seasonal shades in burnt orange and brown while equally juxtaposing leather and suede fabrication.” And did you see that rosetta-in-a-cappucinno-mug on the tongue and insole? Just take my wallet and leave whatever you don’t need.

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You don’t even have to mention it’s pumpkin spice. This gorgeous sneaker stands on its own and is dope af. I don’t even say “af” because I’m not really cool enough to pull it off, but that’s how dope af this shoe is. It made me kinda cool by general proximity to a picture of it. It’s “dope af” af.

According to HighSnobiety, the pumpkin spice Grid SD runs a cool $120 — which isn’t nearly as expensive as I would expect such fashionable kicks to be — and will be available starting October 21st 12:00pm EST exclusively through Saucony’s website.

Saucony, if you’re reading this and you need anyone to field test a pair, for science or orthotics or whatever, I’m a size 10 US. I’ll throw out every pair of Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85’s I own, which is not an insignificant number. Just say the word.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network and really likes these shoes.

*all images via Nice Kicks

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