Boy, it is really a sick, sad world out there today, isn’t it? We here at Sprudge think it’s appropriate to bring a little distractible, feel good fun to what’s otherwise been a pretty ghastly news day, at least here in the United States. And so, with no further ado…

Slap my butter and call me salty, it’s an upright walkin’ three-legged mama bear! She’s left her kin and fled for Los Angeles, where she appears to be getting her groove back in a number of high-end cafes around town. We’re not sure what her end-game looks like, but we do know she has superior tastes when it comes to coffee.

These are photos taken of that bear.

1. Handsome Coffee Roasters

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2. The new Stumptown Coffee Roasters.


3. Menotti’s Coffee Stop


Where to next? Maybe a green tea donut and a shot of Verve at Cafe Dulce? A cruise out to Pasadena to hit Copa Vida and Intelligentsia? Who knows. The sky’s the limit for this wandering three-legged upright mama bear, and it’s all good news to us.

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