Tonight marks the fourth game in the second season of the Bay Area Coffee Community Latte Art Competition. It’s going down at Oakland’s Timeless Coffee (4252 Piedmont Ave). Sign up starts at 6PM and the first pour is at 7PM. 

Here’s more on Timeless Coffee from the folks at BACC:

Timeless Coffee Roasters is a sneaky kind of place. Helmed by RJ Leimpeter, who polished his coffee chops roasting for Sightglass, the café serves up some of the best coffee and pastries in Peidmont with none of the fuss and all the down-home, comfy goodness we love in a coffee shop. Leimpeter recently switched over from Sightglass to roasting his own beans, a project that’s been a long time in the works. The café Kickstarted a 5-kilo Probat into the space back in April, but it took a little while longer to get it into production.

One of Timeless’ most unusual qualities is the thing it advertises the least: the place is straight-up vegan, which makes the feat of succeeding wildly as a coffee shop even more impressive. That’s right, not an ounce of cow’s milk in the place, and all the pastries are dairy-free. The  baking program is headed up by Voilet Slocum, formerly of Café Gratitude and Bittersweet. Occasionally, you’ll find things like Flaco’s vegan tamales on offer for lunch. Keeping the vegan angle quiet has a purpose, thoughtfully bypassing the stigma around vegan pastries. The crew would rather turn the public on, and let them find out later that their muffins were cruelty-free. Butter or no butter, Timeless has seduced the whole East Bay with nothing but a few truffles and a cappuccino.

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Come get your hands on the goodness this Thursday at Game 4. Sign ups 6, pours at 7, hooliganism all night long.


Here’s some of the things you can win:

First Place Prize: UNIC Rumba Home Espresso Machine, Baratza Grinder, Sprudge Featurette, Barista Camp Fall Admission, Espresso Parts Trophy & More

Second Place Prize: Compak Grinder, Barista Nation VIP Travel Pack, Espresso Parts Trophy & More

Third Place Prize: Baratza Grinder, Coffee Fest New York Airfare, Espresso Parts Trophy & More

Here are some scenes from previous games:



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Season two ends with a grand finale – BACC vs LATNT Showdown on December 5th at Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco! is the proud and exclusive OmniMedia Platinum Sponsor of the Bay Area Coffee Community. Read more BACC coverage on Sprudge here!

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