This menu was featured today on Gizmodo, and it comes from a website called Chartspotting. It got the Chartspotting folks excited. Reader Eristdoof comments, “If the bar lengths were in ml (which I donโ€™t think they are) this would be brilliant for me. Usually my coffee of choice is an americano, but in quite a few cafes they add way too much water and I wish Iโ€™d ordered an espresso.”

It was met by a very loud pbbbbt over on Gizmodo. And nobody seems to be publishing the name of the cafe itself, just that it’s in “East London”, which only barely narrows things down.

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Is this menu a hot mess or the next wave of menu realness? Is this a watershed moment like Prufrock Coffee’s “4-6-8” milk revolution, or just another sloppy infographic fart in the wind? Do people seek communion, interaction, and the development of a kind of lingua franca when ordering their favorite coffee beverage? Or do we all secretly yearn to be reduced to Briggo-like coffee robots, analyzed on our ratio preference of milk to oxygen?

And what’s the deal with the Londoners that think up this stuff in the first place?

If you know which cafe this is, write to us at and we’ll update this feature post haste.


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