The 2020 Sprudgie Awards nomination period is still open, but not for long.

Now in its truly unprecedented 12th season, The Sprudgie Awards are among the top two most prestigious awards in all of coffee (and it’s not number 2). Each year our readers around the world vote on categories including Best New Cafe, Outstanding Achievement, media honors for writing, social and podcasts, and much more. This year more than ever we are thankful to Pacific Barista Series for keeping the entire process, from nominations to finalist voting, free and open to all.

Open nominations close Sunday, December 6th at 11:59 PM PST. Finalists will be announced on Tuesday, December 8th.

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Vote now at!

Share this nomination form with one and all, and make your voice heard. Thank you for being part of our annual Sprudgies tradition and a huge thank you to Pacific Barista Series for stepping up and supporting this work.

To protect our awards process from bots, we ask that you submit your email address with your nomination ballot. We will not use your e-mail for anything beyond verification. We won’t sell your email, spam you with membership requests, or demand that you sign up for our weekly Sprudge Letter (although you really should).

Don’t brew, vote! We’re trembling with anticipation to learn this year’s slate of incredible finalists. Nominate today, share with your community, and we thank you for taking part in this beloved annual exercise in coffee awards-giving.

Vote here!

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