Time is a construct, a human invention to help us make sense of and give structure to a series of unrelated events. Past, present, future, none of them really exist; they are but impressions of order humans have fabricated to try and make sense out of chaos. Since the notion of time is a machination of our own design, we may as well make it out of something we love, which is of course coffee.

But reconstructing the fourth dimension into its new caffeinated likeness will require a not-insignificant amount of retraining our minds. In the meantime, here’s a watch made out of coffee.

Barista, “The Original Coffee Watch,” is the creation of St. Louis timepiece maker Jord (pronounced Yord, like Fjord without the F). The limited run 40mm watch was designed in collaboration with Kaldi’s Coffee—whose goat logo features rather fetchingly on the face—and features real, actual coffee beans cast in resin that serves as the casing in which the watch is set, which according to their website took over a year of R&D to design. But the most thoughtful touch comes from the “roasting inspired dial,” six incut bars representing various color changes a coffee bean undergoes during the roasting process.

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Jord Face

Jord’s Barista watch features a Citizen Miyota GL30 movement and a “Suberhide” cork-infused vegan leather 20mm strap.

To commemorate the new watch (and because it’s the holidays), Jord has released a special edition gift set. Along with the Barista watch, a Collector’s Coffee Tin, a 14oz Kaldi’s branded insulated thermos, and a 6oz bag of Kaldi’s Espresso 700 blend, all packaged in a complementary gift box. Retailing for $194, the gift set can be purchased for $155, which is technically $20 cheaper than just buying the watch by itself. But if you want to get in on that price you better hurry, the deal ends today.

The passage of time is a story humanity tells itself. Everything we’ve ever done we’re going to do over and over again. Time is a flat circle. It’s a watch, a coffee watch.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

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