The holidays are here, bringing with it the simultaneous joy and burden of gift giving. Now is the time to stock up on coffee-themed gifts for all of your coffee loving friends and family. Because when you give the gift of coffee, you’re really giving the gift (don’t laugh!) of love.

We here at Sprudge want to make sure your coffee gift buying is easy and pain-free, and so in what’s become a much-loved tradition at the site, we’re rolling out a series of gift guides to serve our readers (and their families). Our first guide was all about books, because books rule, but now let’s get into the rest of it.

Is your great aunt Ruth stumped on what to get you this year? Send her this link. Here are ten perfect holiday coffee—and coffee-ish—gift categories for under $100.

Coffee Class In New York City

Get your coffee loving friend/family member something they’ll remember forever: an instructional class and/or event in New York City!

Toby’s Estate Brooklyn can host a private cupping for you and your friends for $75. “We can hold a private brew class just for you and four guests at our Williamsburg and West Village locations. Classes are available Monday through Saturday. You may book up to five people in this class. Classes are 90 minutes.”

Joe Coffee offers a roaster tour and cupping at their Red Hook roasting facility for $75. If you’re traveling from outside the city this gift *will* cost a little bit more, but hey, then you get to visit New York.

Bag of Coffee With Dunkable Ball ($16)

Stumptown Coffee recently rolled out a refreshed packaging look, but they’re bringing back their iconic kangaroo bag for a special Portland Trail Blazers blend collab. This coffee bag includes an actual ball for dunks. 

A Warm Winter Sweater

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Tis the season for wearing a snuggly coffee sweater. Cuddle up by the fire and a nice, cozy jumper (that’s what they call it outside the USA) from these folks: Dogwood Coffee Bear Hug Sweatshirt ($30), ReAnimator crew-neck number ($35), Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. gym class sweatshirt ($32), and the awesome/ugly Onyx Coffee Lab Ugly Sweatshirt ($30).

Holiday Blends

You really can’t go wrong with a nice holiday blend, and our partner roasting companies have got a handful for you to choose from: Populace Coffee Joyeux Blend ($19, 12oz), Pilot Coffee Roasters Holiday Blend ($20 CAD, 12oz), Counter Culture Coffee Iridescent ($18.25, 12oz), Equator Coffee Holiday Blend ($18.25, 12oz), Ferris Coffee Winter Avenue Blend ($13, 12oz), Verve Coffee Holiday Blend ($20, 12oz), Reunion Island Coffee Holiday Blend ($20 CAD, 12oz), and the Batdorf & Bronson Holiday Blend ($15, 12oz).

This is just a smattering, just a surface scratching of the wonderful holiday blends available, and that diversity of options means you can buy a blend that suits your family just right. Happy brewing!

Soft Tees

Get your coffee loving family member a nice looking t-shirt from a nice coffee company. We like the Maquina Coffee Roasters “Maquina Bleeds” Tee ($25), which feels like it could be sold at the merch table of a very fun punk rock show. Elsewhere the Department of Brewology Joy Division Tee ($35) directly plays with a fusion of coffee and music themes. DoB are industry design leaders and you may well get stopped on the street wearing this.

Last but certainly not least we’ve got heaps of new Sprudge Tees ($15) in our very own Sprudge Shop.


Coffee nerds don’t just love gear: they need it to continue surviving as a nerd. Fortunately there’s plentiful gear to be had. Let us recommend a Stagg Kettle ($69), the nerdy Brewista Smart Scale ($99), the beautiful and industry-adored Kruve Sifter ($45), a timeless Cold Brew Toddy System ($39), and for something a little different, the Blue Bottle Waterproof Journal ($19).


Every coffee drinker needs something to drink it out of, and we’re big fans of the Flight Coffee Blue Space Person Mug ($17) out of New Zealand, the beautiful throwback Intelligentsia 20th Anniversary Demitasse ($12), the licensed Star Wars line of coffee tumblers from KeepCup—our favorite is the Chewbacca KeepCup ($22)—the stylish Klatch Coffee Glass Can ($7), and the Japanese Phil & Sebastian Kinto Mug ($16.50) by way of Canada.

Clubs, Subscriptions, and Box Sets

Why settle on just one coffee when you can set your loved ones up with a subscription, club membership, or box set? April Coffee Roasters Membership Club (140,00KR) can get you set up with whole bean or capsule coffee from Denmark, Five Elephant Box Set (31.47 Euro) will let you customize a colorful package from Berlin, and the Moustache Coffee Club Subscription (Starts at $26) can get you sorted with weekly shipments of quality coffee from Los Angeles.

Bejeweled Starbucks Tumbler ($50)

Jennifer Lopez has been seen around town with a Swarovski crystal-encrusted Starbucks cup, custom made by Taylor Made Bling Embellishments. It’s this season’s must-have bejeweled coffee product. You can order a custom cup from Taylor Made via their Instagram for around $500 or you can get a similar style: hand-glued rhinestones on a Starbucks cup for around $50 on Etsy.

Drink Some Tea 

Try as we might, mankind cannot live on coffee alone. But if you love coffee it stands to figure there’s a bunch of other stuff you might love. One of those is tea. Tea is good! San Francisco’s Song Tea is home to some exceedingly rare small lot teas that might change how you think about this stuff, with a founder who travels regularly to Taiwan and China on sourcing trips. Prices range from the Song Red ($15), a blend of tea cultivars from Fujian, to the Mr. & Mrs. Chen’s Oolong ($92), a truly distinctive oolong tea from a tiny production husband and wife team from Nantou County, Taiwan, with a dozen or so other teas priced between. Unsure what to buy? Song offers a gift card option as well.

Drink Some Wine

We are pretty strong believers that if you’re into coffee, you should be into wine, too. Wine—and especially wines made in the minimal intervention, no added ingredient style sometimes called “natural wine”—is fast divesting itself from “that Frasier Crane shit” and is today, perhaps for the first time in America since the Gold Rush, a fun and tasty thing for young people to enjoy. Imagine that!

If you’re new to natural wine, and don’t happen to already live somewhere like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London, Melbourne, Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona, or what-have-you, web stores are your friend. We strongly recommend the online wine shopping at Chambers Street Wine of NYC, Domaine LA of Los Angeles, and Flat Iron Wines (SF & NYC). All three of these shops offer gift certificates, and for less than $100 you can gift the gift of a mind-blowing wine experience. Just be forewarned that the ensuing rabbit hole will cost more than $100 in short order.

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