Here’s the thing: when you’re wrong, you’re wrong. The only thing you can do is own up to it, admit your mistake undefensively, and learn to be better. And on this day, March 11th, in the year of our lord 2021, I, Zac Cadwalader, managing editor of Sprudge dot com, would like to formally admit that I was wrong about self-heating coffee mugs. I still low key think they are over-designed, overpriced, and entirely unnecessary, but the market disagrees. People love self-heating mugs, and the people are never wrong.

It’s a contentious topic even here at the Sprudge offices, with co-founder Zachary Carlsen not only owning an Ember mug but openly wishing he had more. “Six Embers would make a full set,” he has typed. “Now all I need is an Ember tea pot,” he has also typed.

And so, as a form of penance and in an effort at personal growth, today I present to you the Hava Mug (stylized HAVA), a new self-heating smart mug that is on Kickstarter now.

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Per the campaign, the Hava Mug touts itself as the “most advanced self-heating smart mug” on the market, but how does this 10oz, all-ceramic mug stack up to similar products already available? According to the Kickstarter, the Hava Mug has up to a two-hour battery time, 30 minutes longer (or 33% more) than the 10oz Ember 2. The Hava also has a five-degree higher maximum temperature, allowing it to heat up to 150°F, and has the ability to change the temperature via a quick swipe on the mug itself.

The mug “uses advanced temperature algorithms to learn your preferred drinking habits to better meet your needs,” which I guess means the mug will just remain at the temperature you set it at even after it turns off, but it sounds way cooler when they describe it.

With 24 days left in the campaign, the Hava Mug has blasted through its $15,000 goal, already earning over $46,000 in funding. But there are still a ton of deep discount rewards left. For a limited time—like one more day—interested parties can get a Hava Mug for $79, 56% off the $180 MSRP. After that deal has expired, folks can still get their hands on a mug for $109 via the early bird deal. Per the Kickstarter, rewards are expected to be delivered later this year in September.

I would again like to apologize for all the many terrible things I have said about self-heating mugs in the past (and these posts were exhaustively edited, the filed drafts were far more incendiary). I realize now how wrong I was, apologize fulsomely, and will not be be taking any questions at this time, thank you.

For more information, visit the Hava Mug Kickstarter page.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

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