If I were to rank some of the stranger things I’ve seen in the coffee space on a scale of 1 to 10, this would definitely be an Eleven. (I’m so sorry. I don’t know why I do the things that I do.) Anyway, where was I? Millie Bobby Brown, the Spanish-born, recently engaged star of the hit Netflix series Stanger Things has released her own brand-new coffee line.

As reported by Delish, coffee is but the latest addition to Brown’s Florence by Mills brand that includes cosmetics, hair care products, and accessories. For the inaugural line, Brown has two different blends on offer; “Authentically Brew” is a medium roast blend of coffees from “Brazil, Colombia, Central, South America,” which is maybe a little redundant, and “Mindful Moments” is a darker roast will coffees from Brazil and Guatemala. Both come in either coffee bags or pre-ground.

advert but first coffee cookbook now available


“I’ve been passionate about coffee ever since I can remember. It’s always been that pick-me-up to get me through those long days on set, it’s that moment away from all the chaos that allows me to be present again,” Brown states. “I set out to create a brand that will allow my fans and all coffee lovers to do the same, a brand that isn’t just about great tasting coffee, but about those special moments, too.”

And in case your Millie Bobby Brown coffee needs a Millie Bobby Brown flavor enhancement, there are also syrups, by Millie Bobby Brown! There’s the Millie’s Fave Syrups set, which includes English Toffee, Creme Brulee, or Honeycomb Kiss. And for the purist, there’s the Barista Syrups collection, with Vanilla, Caramel, and Hazelnut.

Really, with the writer’s strike putting the kibosh on filming, this may be the closest taste to Stranger Things you are going to get for a while. And if I were to pick one of those precocious little scamps to start a coffee line, it would be MBB. It’s all right there in her name. What is a grinder if not a coffee mill(ie)? Bobby sounds a lot like Baba, surely an homage to Baba Budan, the 17th century Sufi mystic who legend tells that he smuggled coffee beans out of Yemen in his beard. And what color is coffee? Brown, of course. And what the hell is a Finn Wolfhard anyway? Not coffee-adjacent, that’s what.

Florence by Mills Coffee by Millie Bobby Brown is out now and is available for purchase via their website. For more information, visit the Florence by Mills Coffee official website.

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