How many paper cups are generated by Starbucks Coffee Company per year?

Around 4 billion.

In this decade of self-awareness, global marketing, and viral-eco think-speak, the geniuses at Starbucks have come up with the $1 reusable plastic cup. According to CNN’s actually-really-good Eatocracy blog, it looks just like the company’s white ubiquitous 90s fashion accessory paper cup. And, per the company’s age-old policy, users of the new reusable will save 10 cents per drink. CNN says USA Today says:

Jim Hanna, the director of environmental affairs at Starbucks, told USA Today that while the company has sold reusable tumblers for some time and offered the ten cent discount, he expects that the modest price of its new one, available at company-owned stores in the U.S. and Canada, will encourage consumers to take action more frequently. The new effort comes largely in response to consumer criticism over the volume of paper coffee cup waste – approximately 4 billion cups globally each year – generated by Starbucks.

Unfortunately, according to the snap polls over at the CNN website, customers are cynical at best when allowed to sound off. More than 28% say “I’d probably forget and would end up buying at least a few”, and another 13% of readers polled AREN’T GOING TO EVEN BOTHER TRYING.