A few weeks ago we brought you a look at Counter Culture Coffee’s new web comic, aptly titled “What’s The Deal With The Coffee Market?” and featuring the eye-catching artwork of CCC’s artist in residence, Katy Meehan. Sprudge wanted to know more, so we set up a little sit-and-chat with Katy. Click through to find out more about Katy, her collabo on the comic with Peter Giuliano, and Counter Culture’s upcoming plans for a “3D full length animated feature detailing the adventures of Lem Butler’s alter-ego, DJ Pez”. We think she’s only sort of kidding.

Hey Katy! Thanks for chatting with us. First up, tell us about how you first got involved with CCC.

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Having spent several years as a barista, I was familiar with Counter Culture and had always heard great things about the company. After finishing school I was working as a freelance illustrator and designer and was contracted to illustrate Counter Culture’s  Counter Intelligence training manuals. That project began last October, and shortly thereafter Counter Culture posted a job opening for an in-house graphic designer. Three rounds of interviews, and many illustrations later, I was hired on full-time at the end of January.

How did you and Peter collaborate on the comic? Via email, or in person, or…? What was it like working with Peter?

The comic came about organically, as many projects do here. We saw a subject that needed to be addressed, and wanted to communicate it in a way that would be accessible and enjoyable to as many people as possible. Peter is an inspiring director and our collaboration was seamless. It was a pleasure to help him bring his ideas to life, and to have his trust in allowing me to incorporate my perspective.  Being separated by a couple thousand miles, internet and phone conferencing are an integral part of keeping everyone on the same page. Sharing documents and drafts online has gotten much easier in the last few years, so physical geography is no longer a roadblock to good collaboration.

Do you guys have plans for more web comics in the future?

Not at the moment, aside from that 3D full length animated feature detailing the adventures of Lem Butler’s alter-ego DJ Pez, coming to a multiplex near you Summer 2012! Otherwise, if a need arises to address about a subject that would be best suited to the comic format, I’m sure we will explore that. As a company, we’re always evolving in the ways we connect to the world. My goal is to help Counter Culture Coffee continue to tell its amazing story with art and design that is authentic and personal.

How can we learn more about your art?

Aside from graphic design, I’ve spent time as a tattoo artist, scenic designer, furniture designer, woodworker, sculptor, and portrait artist. I have an online portfolio where much of my other work is displayed. Feel free to check it out at: katymeehan.com

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