Shoot Out Averted When Cops Called On Coffee Shop ...

Shoot Out Averted When Cops Called On Coffee Shop Movie Set

A Glendora, California coffee shop was almost the scene of a violent police shoot-out when a customer called to report an armed robbery at Classic Coffee. The armed robbers were actually actors in a short film being shot there at the time. Coffee shops provide great after-hours movie sets, sure, but the folks behind this particular film – which included realistic prop guns – did not contact police or obtain film permits to shoot, causing this near-deadly miscommunication.

NBC Los Angeles has the story:

One of the actors froze and did not immediately drop his replica gun – a hesitation that could have led to a deadly shooting, police said.

“It was at that moment that the officers’ training kicked in. One officer reached out and pulled it out of his hand and put both suspects down on the ground,” Staab said.

Bergslian said she shudders to think what could’ve happened.

“It terrifies me that one of those boys could have been killed. I hope they’ve learned that you can’t mess with guns that look like they’re real,” she said.

We here at Sprudge shudder to think what could have happened if police were called during our video shoot of Shit Barista Say in early 2012:

Or if Rise Up Coffee regulars in had called to report a theft during the shooting of the first episode of “Rise Up Regulars”:

Or if the authorities were alerted to the late night shenanigans during the filming of Kevin Smith’s criminally underrated Zack and Miri Make A Porno:

Or if the cops were called on the terrible set of Coffee Town, which was not a good film:



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