Love is in the air, or is that the floral bouquet of a lovely rose-based tea blend? Perhaps for the New York City denizens, it can be both, thanks to an all new event from Dona. Taking place February 8th at the Urbana Cafe & Gallery in Chelsea, Dona is teaming up with Brownstone Botanical for Tea & Flowers, a combination tea cupping and bouquet making class.

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Urbana Cafe & Gallery (Photo: Eventbrite)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day—which is Tuesday, February 14th, in case you have someone expecting you to have remembered and planned something special—Tea & Flowers is a rose-themed community event for the amorously caffeinated. The two-hour event will include a rose-themed tea tasting led by Dona that will include “an in-depth tasting of a favorite rose-based tea blend and a [discussion of] the ethical sourcing, tea history, and the importance of quality ingredients.” Each participant will also leave with a tea set of their very own.

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Then, Brownstone Botanical’s Molly Halpin will lead attendees through a “mini rose bouquet workshop,” with each person leaving with a custom bouquet of their own making.

tea and flowers

It all gets started at 7:00pm at Urbana Cafe & Gallery in Chelsea on Wednesday, February 8th. For more information on the Tea & Flowers, visit the Evenbrite page.

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