Filed under stuff that is a very, very good idea, three German coffee strebers have put together a globe-spanning secret Santa coffee exchange, in accordance with the German wichteln tradition. Their website is simple to follow and easy to use. We signed up – you should too!

Here’s where it all started, over on Instagram:

Here’s some more information from their web page:

“Wichteln is the German word for the Christmas “game” Secret Santa. Originally you have a small box, everyone writes down her/his name on a slip of paper and puts it into the box. Then everyone takes out one slip of paper and thereby chooses a person. Now she/he is this person’s Secret Santa and has to get her/him a present.

In times of the internets we want to do this digitally, so we created this page.

The theme is coffee. Good coffee. Special coffee. Third Wave coffee. Thereby we want to support small producers and roasters that love coffee as much as we do. If you love coffee as well, please participate.

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Basically it’s just the idea to exchange coffee.”

(Third Wave Wichteln)
(Third Wave Wichteln)

Let’s check out the rules, shall we? These German coffee folks – so orderly!


1. Fill out the form in order to participate.

2. Wait till December 15, 2013. @roitsch will do the raffle.

3. On December 16, 2013 you will receive your “Wichtel”, the one you will send some coffee (via e-mail).

4.  Buy a 250gr (8-9 ounces) package of Third Wave coffee (whole beans!), preferably a local one from your area, so your Wichtel receives something that is not possible to get in her/his area. And send it to the person. Important: the package should arrive at the person until December 23!

5. On December 23 2013, you can open the present from your Secret Santa and enjoy some amazing coffee.

6. If you filled out the form, but don’t want to or can’t participate, please notify us.

7. This whole thing is based on trust. You give some coffee and you get some coffee. Please have that in mind.

8. Afterwards we would like to share our experiences here on tumblr. Please give us feedback how much you like your present and send us some photos.

This whole brillz idea was thought up by André Krüger (@bosch), Tho Keller (@lastguest_hh), and Markus Reuter (@Roitsch), all of whom have fabulous blogs and web presences that you should start following immediately. Germany is a hotbed of creative coffee talent, and this charming global exchange project is proof positive.

Go sign up now! 


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