On Sunday, October 6th an exciting new events production company will be launched by longtime Sprudge.com collaborator Alex Negranza. Based in Seattle, Washington, and called “An Evening With“, this event series represents the very best of what Seattle has to offer in food, coffee, cocktails, wine, and above all, professional service. AEW’s inaugural event takes place at Stumptown Coffee Roasters, which will be transformed for one night only into an extraordinary pop-up fine dining restaurant, staffed by a team of service professionals united from throughout Seattle’s thriving food, spirits, wine, and specialty coffee communities.

Sprudge.com is proud to be involved in the creation of this one-of-a-kind community driven event. “An Evening With Stumptown Coffee Roasters” represents a groundbreaking collaboration between members of the Barista Guild of America and the Washington State chapter of the United States Bartender’s Guild. Best of all, October 6th is the Sunday night of a weekend packed with events in Seattle, and An Evening With looks forward to hosting curious guests from around the world.

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After months of development, this star-spangled team cast can now be announced to the public.

Featured Chefs:
Mark Young, Spur Gastropub
Jessie Chin, Tavern Law
Emily Young, The Coterie Room
Alex Giger, The Old Sage
Featured Sommeliers:

Jake Kosseff, Miller’s Guild, Wine Director and General Manager at Crush
Nick Davis, Canlis

Featured Servers:

Aaron Reid, Canlis (AEW Service Director)
Mario Coello, Old Sage
Jarad Busby, Guest Server from New York
Max Sutherland, Spur Gastropub, Tavern Law, Old Sage
Dylan AuBuchon, Spur Gastropub

Featured Bartenders:

Elizabeth Powell, Liberty Bar, President of the Washington State Bartender’s Guild
Chris Goad, Canon, V. President of the Washington State Bartender’s Guild
Jay Kuehner, Sambar (closed 2012)
Erik Hakkinen II, Zig Zag Cafe and Giffard Spirits
Brian Lee, Canon and Toulouse Petit
Nik Virrey, Slate Coffee Roasters and Liberty Bar

Featured Baristas:
Bronwen Serna, AEW Coffee Director (2004 United States Barista Champion)
Laila Ghambari, Caffe Ladro (AEW Barista Guild of America Liaison)
Brandon Paul Weaver, Slate Coffee Roasters and Essex (2013 NW Brewer’s Cup Champion)
Michael Ryan, Caffe Ladro
Michael James, Caffe Ladro
The talented staff of Stumptown Seattle.
An Evening With, LLC Staff:
Alex Negranza, Producer
Bex Karnofski, Asst. Producer
Guests can choose from a 5-course dinner with hand selected coffee pairings for $175, or a 5-course dinner with full coffee, cocktail and wine pairings for $250. Just 47 tickets are available to the public. More information on ticketing, including ticket presale order, is available here via An Evening With’s official website. You’ll be hearing much more about An Evening With on Sprudge in the coming weeks, including interviews with some of the event’s major players and menus as they’re made available. Stay tuned, and we’ll see you in Seattle on October 6th for a night to remember.

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