Sacramento, CA, May 9th, 2024 — The esteemed board of directors of Pachamama Coffee Farmers, the leading farmer owned coffee brand in North America, is set to gather in California for its annual meeting from May 14-17, 2024. The board meeting is led by three of its key members, who are also coffee farmers themselves: Co-Founder and Board President, Merling Preza Ramos from Nicaragua, and her two colleagues, Carlos Reynoso from Guatemala, and Vladimir Vivanco from Peru.

The meeting schedule coincides with the inaugural Terra Madre Americas event in Sacramento, organized by Slow Food and hosted by Visit Sacramento. The event features various workshops by the Slow Food Coffee Coalition, that aim to create connections and improve the relationship between producers and consumers. As experts from coffee growing regions near the equator, Pachamama Coffee’s board members invite consumers to engage with them in the conversation of how value is created by smallholder coffee farmers around the world.

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Pachamama Coffee is wholly owned and governed by thousands of smallholder coffee farmers from Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, and Ethiopia. Leading the way with its unique business model, Pachamama Coffee has a vertically integrated supply chain from the global South to the North and has set a best-in-class standard for sustainability. Pachamama farmers not only own their land and green bean processing facilities, but they also own the Pachamama brand and infrastructure in the United States. This includes two roasteries in northern California and five specialty coffee shops in the greater Sacramento area, giving them full control over the entire supply chain from seed to cup.

“At Pachamama, the farmers own the company,” says Thaleon Tremain, Co-founder and CEO. “As the only shareholders, they govern the boardroom and make key decisions regarding capital investments, brand marketing and annual budgets. We are proud to host the directors of Pachamama Coffee in Sacramento, a community that truly loves great coffee.”

As the board of directors convenes in Sacramento, they reaffirm that value and quality in the cup originates on the farm, where highly skilled, artisanal coffee growers input more than 90% of the labor required to produce a cup of coffee. Throughout the week, Pachamama directors will visit and tour their facilities and engage with industry experts, customers and employees.

About Pachamama Coffee Farmers
Pachamama Coffee is a global cooperative and the leading farmer owned coffee brand in North America. Based in Sacramento, California, Pachamama was founded in 2006 by thousands of smallholder coffee farmers in Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and Ethiopia. Pachamama owns two roasteries and five cafes in northern California, maintains a successful farmer-to-consumer subscription service and a national wholesale operation. Winner of the 2021 Specialty Coffee Association’s Sustainability Award for Business Model. Learn more at

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