Submissions are now closed. Thank you for the spooky entries!

Dear readers…. aieeeeeeeee! 🦇👻🎃😱 It’s getting SPOOKY out there. Halloween 2020 is the scariest ever for many reasons but this year’s SPOOKY SEASON on Sprudge will be the most bone-chattering yet! In partnership with Pacific Foods Barista Series we’ve got a week of TERRIFYING ORIGINAL FICTION on deck that will curdle your blood and make you shriek. But we need your help.

Sprudge is searching for the spookiest, the scariest, the most horrible and terrifying ORIGINAL HALLOWEEN COFFEE FICTION to feature in our Spooky Season Spooktacular in partnership with Pacific Barista Series. We’re especially looking for first-time contributors and new voices who are willing to CONQUER FEAR and quell the horror of SELF-DOUBT by publishing on Sprudge. These are paid opportunities!

Here’s some examples of some of our very favorite past spooky coffee fiction stories from the cursed doomscape of yesteryear:

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The Siren & The Worm by Lizzie Derksen

Head Barista by Zachary Carlsen

The Panel by Michelle Johnson (now a radio play on the Sprudge Podcast Network!)

No More Flat Whites by Eric J. Grimm

A Cup of Coffee To Die For by Hengtee Lim 

I’m screaming. You’re screaming. Pitch us your terrifying original fiction between now (right now) and THE EVIL STROKE OF MIDNIGHT on Friday, October 16th. Stories will run the week before Halloween. No topic too terrifying, no specter too spooky. Pitches should be tangentially related to coffee but also express the terrible malaise and horror of the modern condition. (Aieee!!)

Send us your short pitch by filling out the form below! Please keep you pitches concise; a solid paragraph is what we’re looking for. Please do not pitch completed manuscripts or drafts. If you’d like to include an example to previous work or an outlink to your social media, there’s a place to do that, but this is not required and first-time published writers are at no disadvantage. Pitch us!

Submissions for spooky stories have closed.

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