ROGERS, Ark. (Aug. 16, 2023) – Rogers, Arkansas-based Onyx Coffee Lab announces the launch today of a groundbreaking new product: Extractions. This shelf-stable coffee extract sets a new standard of convenience while maintaining the flavor and quality that today’s more discerning generation of coffee lovers’ demands.

Extractions is available for purchase here.

Created from Onyx Coffee Lab’s seasonally sourced coffee blends, Extractions adds rich, nuanced flavor to hot or iced drinks, making it a convenient choice for coffee drinkers on the go. Shelf stable, Extractions is also perfect for use in cafes, restaurants and bars, instantly adding premium coffee flavor to a variety of dishes and beverages, including cocktails and mixed drinks.

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What sets Extractions apart from other products is the proprietary technology used in its creation, which reflects the coffee’s full “terroir.” In the context of coffee, terroir refers to the unique flavor profile that factors like soil composition, temperature, annual rainfall and growing region impart to a coffee.

Terroir is largely lost during the processing of other concentrated coffee products. But Extractions’ unique method retains all the parent roast’s original flavor notes, delivering a luxury coffee experience with the convenience of a concentrate.

Onyx is launching Extractions with their two most popular blend offerings, Southern Weather and Monarch, with future blends and single-origin Extractions offerings to come.

“We are excited to introduce Extractions to the world,” said Onyx Coffee Lab co-founder Jon Allen. “This product embodies our commitment to quality coffee, innovation and bringing the Onyx Coffee Lab experience to more consumers. With Extractions, we’re not just offering a convenient coffee solution. We’re offering the full journey of flavor people have come to expect from Onyx coffee.”


Onyx Coffee Lab, headquartered in Rogers, Ark., is dedicated to the art and science of coffee. With the mantra of “Never Settle for Good Enough,” the team travels to find the absolute best coffees, visiting different countries, continents and terrains. High standards for coffee scores and flavors result in roast profiles that make the coffees shine in each cup. Follow Onyx on Instagram at @onyxcoffeelab.

The mantra “Never Settle for Good Enough” is behind each and every part of the business, from its sustainable production and sourcing, to its leadership development, designs and service. Visit to learn more.

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