Kumquat Coffee & Tea opened in 2018 in the Highland Park neighborhood neighborhood of Los Angeles, settling into stride as one of the city’s premier multi-roaster cafes. The coffee program here features a regular rotation of roasters from around the world—Fritz Coffee (Seoul), Lot 61 (Amsterdam), Market Lane (Melbourne), Camber Coffee (Bellingham, WA) and so forth—as well as boasting an inspired seasonal beverage program, ever-changing and always interesting. Today we’re taking a look at one very special and fresh new coffee drink appearing on the menu during the month of February. With pineberry syrup, ruby ganache, and a rouge chocolate powder, the Ruby Marocchino is a romantic coffee drink arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day. We spoke with the team at Kumquat to learn more.

Hey Kumquat! Tell us about the Ruby Marocchino signature drink!

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Kumquat: The Ruby Marocchino is lovely drink made with espresso with ruby ganache, pineberry syrup, and sprinkled with rouge chocolate powder. Available hot or iced for February only!

marocchino 3

Who crafted your signature drink?

Scott Sohn and AJ Kim.

What unique ingredients does it contain?

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Ruby chocolate ganache, pineberry syrup, rouge chocolate powder.

Is your signature drink served in a particular vessel? How did you make this choice?

It is served in 8oz cup for hot, and 12oz for easy iced. We thought this was an ideal ratio to balance the ingredients from the first sip to the finish.

Where is it available?

Kumquat Coffee & Tea at 4936 York Boulevard in Highland Park, Los Angeles.

marocchino 5

How much is it?


How long will it be on the menu?

During the month of February.

Anything else you’d like to share about the drink?

It’s a perfect drink for Valentine’s!

Thank you!

Kumquat Coffee & Tea is located at 4936 York Blvd in Los Angeles, CA 90042. Visit them online and check them out on Instagram.

Photos by Marissa Honjiyo courtesy Kumquat Coffee & Tea.

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