There’s no length we won’t go to discover the most delicious, interesting, and utterly original coffee signature drinks across this great round earth. Even it means grabbing our passports!

This week we’re visiting Deep Coffee Roasters in Marseille, France to check out a signature drink that was so popular it stayed on the menu an extra month. The drink features ingredients imported from Japan like black ginger and hebesu citrus, styled in a contemporary and compelling presentation. We spoke with owner Tony Collins to learn more.

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Tell us about your signature drink! What’s in it?

It’s pretty straightforward—a mix of black ginger syrup that we import from Japan. This syrup is made with black ginger, Okinawa cane sugar, and hebesu citrus juice, a citrus that’s reminiscent of sudachi but is cultivated in Miyazaki. Black ginger is ginger that has fermented three weeks, becoming 50 times richer in shogaol than fresh or dried ginger. Shogaols are one of the spicy components that can be found in ginger.

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We carefully balance and dose these strong flavors with steamed oat milk to get a nice micro-texture and get that smooth and comforting classic latte sensation.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the beverage.

The idea of this drink was made by a shared passion of our team of baristas for all things Japan and the fact that we have an epicerie section in the shop where we carry a bunch of delicious produce where we dig for inspiration for our monthly signature drinks.

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Black Ginger Latte

How much is it?

6.5 Euros [roughly $7 USD]

How long will this drink be on the menu?

It should have been for only February but since it was quite a hit we are keeping it on until April.

Thank you!

Deep Coffee Roasters is located at 15 Rue Glandeves, 13001 Marseille, France. Check out their official website and follow them on Instagram.

Photos provided by Deep by @tonydeepcollins.