Here’s a running archive of our live-tweet coverage, animated gifs and photos from NWRBC 2012, in sunny, chilly, stinky Tacoma, WA:

[Ed. note: we were just a few steps behind due to the vagaries of I-5 travel (and one Sprudge editor’s increasingly neurotic highway speed phobia), and so our tweets start with the third competitor of the day, Panda Fernandez of Espresso Parts.]

1:04pm – just up now – @pandaman73 of @espressoparts_ #nwrbc

1:05pm – “one thing i love about this industry is collaborations – no one got here on their own.” – @pandaman73 #nwrbc

1:09pm – Gianni Cassatini of @nuovasimonelli is in the house. “how are you doing gianni?” – – “me? i am always good.” #nwrbc

1:12pm – @pandaman73 using tacoma natives @bluebeardcoffee for his competition coffee #nwrbc

1:25pm – up now, orme kellett of lava java in ridgefield, washington – “orme” rhymes with “warm”

1:29pm – meanwhile, nate jones rocks a single heat-stable glove during his #brewerscup routine. explanation surely to follow.

1:38pm – @akaashsaini up now at #brewerscup using clever dripper – while the untweetable orme kellet continues his #nwrbc performance

1:42pm – @matt_banbury is in the house. this weekend we will attempt to prove to him that tacoma does not completely suck.

1:49pm – @sterling_collin Collin Schneider is up now at #nwrbc – “so let’s give him a round of applause as he gets rolling”, etc

1:55pm – this is a pretty low-energy room right now. end of day one, only 6 #nwrbc competitors today…predict tomorrow will be much more raucous

1:56pm – @devchap setting up now for #brewerscup – a fleet of kone-clad chemex

2:08pm – jonathan walz of @pdcoffee on now – he’s last up for the day, and this is his first time at competition #nwrbc

2:10pm – #nwrbc newsflash – @tyler_stevens and @sterling_collin went to high school together.